PPCE, Psychological Placement Career Evaluator

A website devoted to building a psychological profile that will help the user to best determine which career will be the most benefit to themselves and others. Based on this tool, the user will be able to psychologically assess which career will make them not only successful in the given field, but also happy in a general sense. It will start with a Meyer Briggs Test and go from there.

Personality Theory is a great way to self-examine, develop and prepare for the future. Knowing a bit about yourself always comes in handy when navigating the never-ending complexities of life and the world. As an ENFJ, Ive learned a lot about my outgoingness and also my intuitive nature, the category I scored the highest in. By taking the test, I have been able to confirm things about myself that I suspected to be true. Mostly this is in reference to the tricky balance between extroversion, intuition and also being someone who is analytical and reflective at most times. It has helped me pin down the finer points of who I am. Also, it allows me to make creative and healthy adjustments to my life in order to better continue moving forward in life. So, what are you waiting for! Dive into the world of personality theory and learn a bit about yourself!

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Psychology, Key to understanding the Mind

We'll start here with a casual personality test- Jung Typology Test

Next we'll take a look at the career focus page

Career Page- Career Fields Overview, worry-free searching.

Personailty Article Personalities and how they operate.


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